Purification of oils from related substances is called refining. When refining it is necessary not only to remove unwanted impurities, but also to preserve all the valuable substances contained in the fat, to prevent their loss and decomposition during refining.

D.ENERGY designs, supplies and manufactures equipment for complete lines of refining and deodorization of oils and fats of different productivity, including the following sections:

  • Water hydration;
  • Drying of phosphatide concentrate;
  • Neutralization / acid hydration;
  • bleaching;
  • Dry freezing;
  • Deodorization;
  • Pure reversal cycle, barometric cycle and cold production

Modern technological solutions used by D. ENERGY in the production of technological lines of refining, provide the highest level of quality of products, as well as solve the following problems:

  • Reduction of production losses of oil during refining;
  • Minimize the formation of by-products that adversely affect the nutritional value of oil and its food safety;
  • Reducing the impact of the "human factor" on the quality of products produced by modern means of automation of production processes; - reduction of energy consumption, minimization of industrial waste and negative impact on the environment;
  • Optimization of capital and production costs in order to increase the profitability of refineries;